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past simple/ شرح زمن الماضي البسيط بشكل مفصل

past simple/ شرح زمن الماضي البسيط بشكل مفصل

past simple Grammar

 Grammarly advanced~

:study this example*

  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian musician and composer
  He lived from 1756 to 1791. He started composing at the age of five 
and wrote more than 600 pieces of music. He was only 35 years old
.when he died

.was/lived/started/wrote/died are all past simple

: Use of the past simple tense*

we use this tense to talk about something happened in the past, and the action
.is completely finished at the present

Learn past simple

Often the past simple ends -ed for*

-:(regular verb)

I work in a travel agency now. Before that- 
.I worked in a department store
We invited them to our party, but they- 
.decided not to come
The police stopped me on my way home- 
 .last night

But many verbs are irregular, the past
:simple doesn't end in-ed. For example  

   .write               wrote            Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music

.see                   saw              We saw Rose in town a few days ago

.go                    went            I went to the cinema three times last week

 .shut                 shut               It was cold, so I shut the window

In questions and negatives, we use

(did/didn't +infinitive(enjoy/play/write 

?A: Did you go out last night 
.B: yes, I went to the cinema 
?When did Mr.Thomas die-
,They didn't invite her to the party-
.so she didn't go

In the following example, do is the main verb 

(in the sentence ('t

?What did you do at the weekends
(not What did you at the weekend)
   (I didn't do anything. (not I didn't anything- 

:(The past of be (am/is/are)  is   (was/were*

.she was a teacher-

    :Keywords for the past simple tense* 

.Last/ago/yesterday/any year in the past /in ancient time/one day/early

-يستخدم زمن الماضي البسيط للدلالة على الأشياء التي حدثت في الماضي وانتهت ولا يوجد لها أي أثر في الحاضر.
-يوجد لدينا أفعال منتظمة حيث تنتهي ب ed وأفعال شاذة كما ذكرنا سابقاّ يرجى حفظها ومراجعتها من خلال زيارة الرابط المرفق هنا.
-نستخدم في صيغ السؤال did والنفي didn't ويبقى الفعل مجرد من أي زوائد تدخل على الفعل.  

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