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Blind Love Story

Blind Love Story

Blind Love Story

It is said that a man married a very beautiful woman, lived in loving with love and romance, they exchanged love letters with each other, the husband loved his wife very much, and the woman loved her husband also. Their words were not without sweet words of love and heard from the most beautiful poems Love, because love between them was a sacred thing.

And there came a time when the woman suffered from a disease that disfigured her face, and her husband was on a working trip and he is not yet aware of her illness and on his way,

he suffered an accident that led to loss of his vision. The couple continued their lives to the same degree of love and the wife lost her beauty and the husband was blind, until the wife died, and when the burial ended and it was time to return, the husband rose and came out and someone called him:

Where are you going? He said to my house, and the man replied with sadness: 
How will you go alone when you are blind?

The husband said to his friend: No, I am not blind, but I pretended to be blind, so that I would not injure my wife when I learned of her illness. She was a good wife and I was afraid that she would be embarrassed of her illness, so  pretended to be blind throughout the years.

Moral of the story:

Ethics and rules, love is bigger than any rules.

By Amal Younis,

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