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A wish woman's story

A wish woman's story
It was a night from the cold winter nights, the sky was raining heavily, lightning was shining the sky.                            

She shouted loudly ….                                                              

Here, she realized it is the time.
Before this moment, she always was wishing like anyone have wishes.     

Will her wish come true or not?  
Her husband heard her screaming so he rushed her to the hospital, the doctor told them there is a risk for the mother and her fetus, so she should be generated now.  

She gave birth, she was feeling with happiness and sadness together, because she realized that her wish did not fulfil.                                                                                   
Her husband was so happy, but also he was sad about his wife's sorrow.                                                                           

Over time, that sadness has passed and they were excited to name their daughter, they agreed to name her Rose, to bloom their life.                                                                  

Days passed and Rose began to grow up and wish was still related to her mother's mind.     
Now, Rose is six years old, she began to depend on herself for most things.                                           
Once upon a night, while she was sleeping alone, she felt that someone was bothering her as if someone was sleeping next to her.                                

In the beginning, she thought it is a bad dream and will be gone,                              but the same thing happened several times so she decided to tell her parents. 
In the next morning, Rose had woke up as usual, and started having breakfast with her family, she said to them "I would like to tell you something"                          

Suddenly she kept quiet if someone had made her silent, so her parents asked her "what would you like to tell us?" she smiled with fear and said "I'd like to tell you that my birthday after three days, so I'd like to make a big party and invite all my friends" 
her parents smiled showing their approval for that.                                          

She began to feel fear because she couldn't tell them.  

It became scary, and she began to feel that someone was chasing her like a fantasy, whispering in her ear, and controlling her actions, whenever she wanted to tell someone or her parents, the same thing happened to her and be 

Her relationships were badly affected, she was behaving abnormally as if she wasn't Rose, until her twenty-second birthday.                                                                       

It was her birthday night and it was a very cold night as usual in every night of her birthday. 
Her friends began coming to the party, it was a wonderful party.             

Rose would like to turn off her night's candles, but her mother stopped her saying "make a wish before that", Rose had closed her eyes and wished something and then she blew out the candles as if she was on the whole house candles, so the lights were turned off and it was a silent moment, the door started opening slowly as if her wish had already been fulfilled, and a very similar girl had appeared as if she was looking at herself in the mirror, she waved to Rose then she disappeared, that was her wish when she blew out the candles to see the other soul she had.   
This scene was in her imagination while everyone was eating and dancing.                                                        
The party is over, Rose's mother had already told her in the past about her unfulfilled wish, Rose stood up in front of her mother saying "Mom, your wish had fulfilled, I have a similar twin girl as you wished"

By: Rawan Al-Asi

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