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Two Brothers Story

Two Brothers Story

It's said that there's a family used to live in Britain called Bolin family, consisting of mother, father and two children , one of them called Jack and the other called Charlie.

Jack was the oldest son of this family ,about eight years old, while Charlie was four years old.

This family is coherent ,interconnected and has a powerful influence in the state.

Jack's father has worked for the state faithfully, fairly but also  he faced many problems during his work's period which led to assassination of this family and consequently their parents were dead but their son were rescued.

After the accident, the two children suffered a state of severe sadness on their parents separation and they faced a difficult circumstances. Fortunately, their father had an intimate friend called Kurt who cared for them and put them in a private shelter for their care.

One day, there was a problem which caused to Charlie's escape from the shelter and disappeared for a long time, jack and kurt  tried to find him but all of these attempts were failed.

Jack was so annoyed because he couldn't find his brother who remained from his family.

Days and years passed, jack grew up and became a mature young man working for the organization against terrorism operations as his father's job. 

Jack was a good man, he feared God and helped the weak and the needy, but he had a lot of enemies because of the obstruction of all their forbidden works, but jack continued his work and his devotion to the state.

Jack married a woman called Jessica and he got a child named a Charlie as his missing brother's name.

 Unfortunately, someone put a bomb in the jack's car to kill him, but his son who got in the car, causing it to explode and killing the child.

His wife left him after the death of his child, after that, jack take his revenge from the person who ordered to put the bomb in the car where he tortured him and later he killed him; It was the most exacting revenge which facing jack.

Then jack retired from all of the works of the organization and moved into a poor neighborhood, reformed it, guided and helped all of those people in the neighborhood where the residents of the neighborhood called him sheikh jack.

Despite everything that happened with jack, he didn’t lose his sight of his brother and always trying to find him.

Jack had a snowball memory from his mother and was the same snowball with his brother Charlie, when Charlie escaped from the shelter, the only one thing who took it is the snowball.

There was a girl running away from a man chasing her so she was standing in front of  the jack's house, she went inside secretly which made jack felt that there was a stranger at home, from here, jack recognized this girl, loved her very much and he wanted to marry her so he told her about his entire life.

For Charlie, he was grew up with a murderous criminal family working with prohibited works(weapons and drugs).

Charlie had men selling drugs in all neighborhoods, including the neighborhood where his brother jack lives, where jack was obstructing his works and preventing the sale of drugs in the neighborhood, that’s why charlie had gone to the neighborhood to face jack and they had a very large quarrel, then they separated. 

Jack felt tight in his chest after this quarrel, at that time he didn’t know what's the reason for that.

While Charlie went to the neighborhood, he met a girl, admired her and wanted to marry her, but she refused him to his dirty past so he became chasing her, promised her to repent of all his actions and starts a new life with her.

One day, someone called jack and told him that his brother who has been searching for him for a long time was working in a warehouse, soon after hearing this news, he went to that place and after searching for a period of time at the warehouse, he found the snowball of Charlie, so he confirmed that Charlie is his real brother, he was overwhelmed with happiness, but he feared of his brother's reaction and his rejection of him because of the problems that had accrued between them previously.

But his beloved who called tina  gave him the courage to meet his brother, so he called him immediately and told him that he wanted to meet him and set the meeting place to him(the shelter where he was grew up) so Charlie was astonished at jack's choice of this place, then they met, Charlie asked about jack's knowledge of this place, so jack began to recount some of the memories that he lived with him.

From here, he know that jack is his real brother so happiness overwhelmed his heart, embraced each other so much. After that, they showed the snowball that they kept for this day to each other.

After a year, jack married tina and he had a child from her, also Charlie married of his lover and all were lived happily in a big house. Consequently, the story of the two brothers was ended.

By: Amal younis,
Translated into Arabic 

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